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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Ballibugal 1014

The Dark Ages, Saga, 28mm I found myself in Orkney this week, and so I played a game there, rather than in Edinburgh. The Orkney Wargames Club is a broad church, and hisotircal gaming is only a small part of it. In fact there are only four proper historical wargamers there, plus a few occasional

The Ritzebüttel Raid, 1012

The Dark Ages, Saga, 28mm This week my Late Viking warband had an outing, and a scrap against Michael Schneider’s lovely-looking Ottonians. Yes, I didn’t really know who they were either. It turns out the Ottonians were a German dynasty of the 10th and early 11th century, whose span culminated in the reign of Henry

Clash near Etaples, 1058

The Dark Ages, Saga, 28mm First of all, my apologies for the poor photo quality. What sort of idiot goes on holiday and forgets to bring their camera. Er, that would be me. I went up to Orkney for two weeks, staying in a cottage by the beach, and forgot my camera. This trip also

Shefa Amr, 1098

The Age of Chivalry, Saga, 28mm This week Alan Bruce decided to lay on a Saga game, using his First Crusade figures. Two of us – Joe and Gyles – hadn’t tried Saga before, so I was curious what they’d make of the rules. Actually, the rules themselves are simple. What really makes Saga are

Reyhanli, Antioch, 1098

The Age of Chivalry, Saga, 28mm Having safely returned to Orkney after my travels, I arranged a game with Alan Bruce, who brought along his Crusading skirmish figures and his Saga rules. We played two short games, switching sides in between. In the first, my Saracens were defending a village, while Bohemond of Taranto’s crusaders

The Ousebeck Ford, 1066

The Dark Ages, Saga, 28mm Lately we seem to have been playing games in batches, with two games using the same rules a week apart. That’s so we can get a better handle on the rules. Thus we played another Saga game this week, a clash set in England between Norman and Norse invaders, a

Skirmish outside Antioch, 1097

The Dark Ages, Saga, 28mm Last week we played a Second World War skirmish using Bolt Action rules, but like an idiot I forgot my camera. Sorry – I was obviously having a “senior moment”. It was a nice little skirmish set in Normandy – a chance for Alan Bruce to try out the rules.

The Valley of the Raven, 1014

The Dark Ages, Saga, 28mm I spent the last week or so painting up a Viking warband – the followers of Sigurd the Stout, Earl (“Jarl”) of Orkney. I even sculpted a substantial mail-covered beer gut on my “Jarl” figure. The reason for all of this is the current popularity of Gripping Beast’s Saga rules.