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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Horse & Musket Periods

The Bridge at Ariechavna 1812

The Napoleonic Wars, The Shadow of the Eagles, 28mm This week’s game was chosen after a message from Keith Flint, the author of these rules (and Honours of War, or Seven Years War set). Keith and his wife were holidaying in Orkney, and he asked if he could meet up. We were delighted to oblige,

The Abenaki Village 1759

The French & Indian Wars, Rebels and Patriots, 28mm This was going to be a three-cornered game, and turned into a four player one. Newcomer Tom appeared, and was duly made the chief of the Abenaki village of Muddisquoi. the idea was, the French and the British were gearing up for a new season of

The Battle of Kutsdorf 1760

The Seven Years War, Honours of War, 28mm With only two of us available for a game this week, we skipped the club, and instead we gamed at my place over the weekend. As Sean 2 has now finished the second of his Prussian battalions, we staged a small game which involved them, along with

The Battle of Krefeld 1758

The Seven Years War, Honours of War, 28mm This week we did something a little different. As an Easter treat the wargame club hired the hall for all of Saturday. So, this gave us the chance to play a larger game than on a normal club night, where you only have about three hours of

The Battle of Tschasniki 1812

The Napoleonic War, Shadow of the Eagles, 28mm With just Sean 1 and I available for a game this week, and as he wanted to play a Napoleonic game, we scaled things back. This clash involved a small mixed division per side of six infantry battalions, in two small brigades. They were supported by a

The Battle of Kleiner Zweighugel, 1760

The Seven Years War, Honours of War, 28mm This was another week when due to work our usual foursome was reduced t just two. Again, as we both lived near each other, 15 miles from the town, we decided to game in my kitchen rather than go into the club. So, as Sean 2 is

Assaulting Schoktau Ridge 1758

The Seven Years War, Honours of War, 28mm We missed last week’s club game de to the weather – getting into town involves crossing storm-lashed causeways – The Churchill Barriers. So, Sean 2 and I made up for this by having a wee game at my place. We opted for a Seven Years War clash.

The Rearguard at Bobr, 1812

The Napoleonic Wars, Black Powder, 28mm We wanted a simple but challenging game this week, so I delved into Grant & Asquith’s “Scenarios for all Ages” for inspiration. They had one that was perfect:  “A Vital Bridgehead”. In our version, the French were trying to get across the Bobr River, while engineers were rigging the

The Battle of Mehr, 1758

The Seven Years War, Post of Honour, 28mm With the club closed for Christmas and New Year, I staged a small game at home, with the two Seans. I loosely based it on the Battle of Mehr, fought on 5 August 1758 between a small French army and an even smaller Western allied force. In

Raid on Whitehall, 1758

The French & Indian Wars, Rebels and Patriots, 28mm The wargame club was closed due to snow this week. Actually, there was no snow here in South Ronaldsay, but the west side of Orkney got blasted by it. So, my near neighbour Sean 2 came round for a small game at my place. He hadn’t

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