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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Archives for January 2008

The Battle of Moys, 1757

Seven Years War , Die Kriegskunst, 28mm I really haven’t been having much luck with my camera lately – a severe case of operator error. My apologies for the washed-out look of some of these pictures. Anyway, this game was all about testing out a scenario Dougie Trail concocted for our forthcoming Die Kriegskunst rules.

Red Rock, Wyoming, 1880

Misc., Wild West, Legends of the Old West, 28mm Once every few months a few of us get together for a weekend game – a large multi-player affair. Well, this one was a Wild West shootout, with eight different gangs, fighting through the sizeable town of Red Rock and its neighbouring Mexican village. My crowd

Orellana’s Raft, The Amazon, 1542

Misc., Renaissance Skirmish, El Dorado – a home-grown set,  28mm I’d rather hoped to play a game with Chris Henry’s superb collection of Conquistadors and Aztecs, but that game is still on hold. Instead Colin Jack asked us to playtest his new show participation game – a rather silly affair based on a bizarre event. In 1541

The Philippine Sea, 1944

World War II Naval , General Quarters, 1/2400 scale We planned to do a Conquistadors versus Aztecs game, but Chris Henry who was laying on the game couldn’t make it. In these circumstances we tend to run naval games, as they can be laid on at short notice, and don’t involve a lot of organising.

Radelange, Ardennes, 1944

Second World War, Rapid Fire!, 20mm This week I didn’t organise a game beforehand, so I got invited to play in one with unfamiliar rules, using scenery dragged from the depths of the club store. However, the tanks looked nice – and there were lots of ’em! The scenario was based on one from the new Rapid Fire! scenario