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Archives for July 2010

On the Road to Damascus, 1941

The Second World War, Triumph & Tragedy, 28mm Note: As I was up in Orkney, Dougie Trail provided the write-up of this game. I wanted to play it too, as Colin Jack’s games are always really fun. Anyway, while Dougie lacks my literary style, he makes up for it in inventiveness. Here’s what he has to

The Battle of Castiglione, 1796

The Napoleonic Wars, French Revolutionary War, Carnage & Glory II, 28mm Every so often you get to play a game that is so pretty that you consider it a privilege to take part. This was one of them. I was attending Historicon 2010 – the big US wargame show, held this year at King of

The Siege of Vienna, 1683

Misc., Homegrown rules, 28mm The theme of Historicon this year was “Pike & Shotte”, and so appropriately enough the first of the two games I played there was not only “on message”, but the Siege formed the cover poster for the show. This particular multiplayer game was run by the charming Peter Hess. I know

Border Outpost 17, 1937

A Very British Civil War, Triumph & Tragedy, 28mm Note by Angus: this report was written by Colin Jack, who’s been running an inventive, colourful and utterly silly “Very British Civil War” campaign, an alternate history period which lets people field the wierdest stuff. I missed the game as I was over in the States,

The Cahagnes Road, 1944

The Second World War, Battlegroup Panzergrenadier, 15mm This game set in Normandy was a “reconnaissance in force” , with the British probing German positions to the south-east of Caumont. It was based on the situation in the first week of August 1944, after the first day of Operation Bluecoat – the British attempt to break