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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Modern Wars

The Stapelburg Position, 1985

Modern Wars, Cold War Commander 2, 1/300 scale  This week – like I do every month – I had to miss a club night, due to a veterans’ meeting, the RNA. Fortunately, this month Sean 2 stepped up to the plate, and offered to do the blog, reporting on the game the two Seans played

The Tapline Road, Golan Heights 1973

Modern Wars (Yom Kippur, 1973), Seven Days to the River Rhine, 10mm This was my second game with these rules – and the first for two of us – Nick and Sean 1. Still, they’re very straightforward, and easy to pick up. In this one – a meeting engagement set in the opening days of

Action at Ramat 1973

Modern Wars, Seven Days to the River Rhine, 10mm This was something of a new departure. It began when I picked up a copy of these rules on a whim, after reading a few good reviews. I wasn’t that fussed about “The Cold War gone hot” theme, but the rules’ Facebook group had an interesting

The Drive on Kastorf, 1985

Modern Wars, Cold War Commander 2, 1/300 scale Well, this was something different. For some strange reason a couple of the guys in the Orkney club have a thing for 1/300 scale tanks. Sean 1 had even built up a “Cold War Gone Hot” West German Bundeswehr force, c.1985, but never raised their Soviet opponents.

Tepoi, Borneo, 1964

Modern Wars, Bolt Action, 28mm When I decided to run a small modern game the original plan was to use Force on Force rules. Unfortunately its a long time since I last used them, and I didn’t have time to re-read them as thoroughly as I wanted. They can be something of a mindf**k, particularly

Dang Nap It Valley, 1967

Modern Wars, Vietnam, Low Level Hell, 10mm In my last wargame of 2012 I was racing around in a helicopter, shooting up “Charlie”, in a game staged by Jack Granville. He stages this every Christmas, but for some reason I haven’t played it since December 2006. The 1/200 scale helicopters (from Skytrex) looked pretty cool,

The Longniddry Plantation, Malaya, 1952

Modern Wars (Malayan Emergency), Force on Force, 28mm The thing about Force on Force games is that in often takes longer to put out the scenery than to play the game. This would have been the case here, except Colin Jack, Bill Gilchrist and I hadn’t played a game using Force on Force for quite

Timur Kampong, 1950

Modern Wars, (The Malayan Emergency), Force on Force, 28mm During my wargaming visit to Shetland, the original plan was to play a 15mm Second World War game set in Burma. However, drinking got in the way. Instead, Chris Brown of the Shetland Wargame Club let us use the same terrain for a couple of skirmish

Song, Borneo, 1963

Modern Wars (Borneo Confrontation), Force on Force, 28mm Both Dougie Trail and I have been building up modern forces based around the excellent new Force on Force rules, published by Osprey. Dougie has been concentrating on the Rhodesian Bush War (1964-79), while I’ve been working on the Borneo Confrontation (1962-66). Force on Force games are

The Sanyati Valley, Rhodesia, 1972

Modern Wars (Rhodesia), Force on Force, 28mm While I’ve been painting up modern figures for the Borneo Confrontation, Dougie has been beating his own path through the bush of Rhodesia. This small skirmish was another “testing the rules out” clash using the new Force on Force rules. Hid did a great job painting the lovely

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