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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Archives for November 2011

The Battle of the Denmark Strait, 1941

WWII Naval, General Quarters, 1/2400 scale This  Thursday at the South-East Scotland Wargames Club  we held our AGM – a mercifully brief affair that didn’t get in the way of the evening’s gaming too much. Just in case though (as some of them have  been fairly heated and gone on for ages – don’t ask

The Battle of Rosshaydyn, 1757

The Seven Years War, Warfare in the Age of Reason, 28mm Warning bells should have been ringing when Dougie (commanding the Prussians) said he was concocting an “interesting scenario”. He didn’t use “fair”, or “balanced” – just “interesting”. I was told to bring two brigades of French foot, and one brigade of cavalry, and I’d

Targe 2011

Misc., Wargame Shows, Kirriemuir I always enjoy going to Targe, the wee show in Kirriemuir, laid on by the “Kirrie” wargames club. Their head honcho Dale Smith has worked wonders in turning Targe into one of the must-see shows of the Scottish circuit, despite the fact that “Kirrie” is a two hour drive to the

Crisis 2011

Misc., Wargame Show, Antwerp  I’m not going to say much about this show except that it was terrific. The guys at the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp Club were fantastic, and not only laid on a great show, but were extremely hospitable too. The only downside was that the venue was pretty cramped (the show has

The Kaluga Railway, 1919

The Back of Beyond,  Contemptible Little Armies / Back of Beyond, 28mm This lively little encounter came about for no other reason than we hadn’t played a Back of Beyond game for almost a year. It used to be one of our main wargaming staples, but for some reason it dropped by the wayside. I’ve