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The Club has re-opened! Yay! We’re having weekly games again!

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Cross & Crescent

The Tripoli Road, 1099

Misc., Medieval, Cross & Crescent, 28mm I have to say, I’m not really a fan of the Crusades. Too many religious nutcases – on both sides. Still, Alan Bruce, leading light of the Orkney wargames scene is keen on the period, and talked us into playing a couple of games set in the First Crusade,

Clash at El Jut, 1099

Misc., Medieval, Cross & Crescent, 28mm This was a strange day. I’d no intention of being in Orkney. I planned to go up at the weekend, but I checked the forecast and saw a major storm was brewing. So, I jumped in the car and headed north, one step ahead of the tempest. It was