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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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The Battle of Froeschwiller, 1870

Bismarck’s Wars, 1870, 10mm I missed most of this game, and I obviously missed a treat, as by the time I was able to turn up the Prussians were already on the ropes. Also, I was down to command a Corps of Bavarians, who never actually made it onto the batltefield, thanks to some random

The Battle of Reidseltz, 1870

Bismarck’s Wars, 1870, 10mm This was another game laid on by Gerry Henry, using figures from his vast 10mm late 19th century collection. Of course, you could melt a whole Corps down and still not have enough lead for a decent 28mm battalion, but even the most ardent scales snob has to admit that this

The Battle of Steinseltz, 1870

Bismarck’s Wars, 1870, 10mm This was rather unusual – a game in a scale I’d never contemplated before (10mm), run as a rules-learning exercise by the incredibly patient Gerry Henry (he of the grey cable-knit cardigan). In this game a French Corps-sized forces defended a line of hills, while a slightly larger Prussian force attacked