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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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The American Civil War

The Battle of Iuka 1862

The American Civil War, Brigade Fire & Fury, 28mm  For a while now, I’ve been building up units for the American Civil War. At first I was just doing Union troops, but when ‘Sean 2’ moved away with his Confederates I had to raise them too. This was their first outing. Sean (formerly ‘Sean 1’)

The Clash at Bethel Church, 1861

The American Civil War – Rebels and Patriots – 28mm We decided to change the pace this week, and stage a large skirmish game using Osprey’s Rebels and Patriots rules. I mainly use these for French & Indian War games, but during lockdown Lindsay talked everyone into building up small  skirmish forces for the American

First Clash at Munson’s Hill, 1862

The American Civil War, Rebels and Patriots, 28mm This was something of a new departure. Several months ago I was talked into painting up two forces for a club project – American Civil War skirmish games using Rebels and Patriots. We’d planned a larger  ACW skirmish game this week, but Lindsay, the duty driver  injured

The Battle of Cedar Mountain, 1862

The American Civil War, Regimental Fire & Fury, 28mm Every year, between Christmas and New Year the RAF Leuchars club hosts a big one day game. I missed it last year, when they did Operation Market Garden, but the year before we refought Borodino. This time it was off to Virginia, and a refight of

The Battle of Cross Keys, 1862

The American Civil War, Regimental Fire & Fury, 10mm This weekend I was invited down to Suffolk, to take part in a multi-player American Civil War game. It was staged by Maj. Gen. John “DZ” Drewienkiewicz (rtd.), the author of three books in the “Wargames in History” series published by Ken Trotman. This game –

The Battle of Perryville, 1862

The American Civil War, Ever Victorious Armies, 28mm First off, my apologies for the fuzzy photos. I was having camera problems. Now, on to the game. This American civil War bash was a real multi-player affair, organised by Jack Glanville. My contribution was two brigades of Confederates, supported by artillery, including Braxton’s Fredericksburg Btty. (pictured

Antietam, 1862

The American Civil War, Guns at Gettysburg, 15mm This weekend I was down in Stansted Mountfitchet outside London, taking part in a refight of Hooker’s attack at Antietam. It was staged by my wargaming pal Dave “Iron Brigade” Marks, and umpired by Dave Brown, who wrote the rules. That’s the best way to avoid rules