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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Archives for April 2009

Le Mort Homme, Verdun, 1916

The Great War, Through the Mud and the Blood, 28mm This week we decided to try out a new set of rules – Through the Mud and the Blood, produced by the Too Fat Lardies. They’re described as a large skirmish set, and are similar to the well received Sharp Practice rules, which we also

The Farne Islands, 1938

A Very British Civil War, The Great War, 28mm I’ve already said that games organised by Colin Jack tend to be a bit silly. This one was as daft as they get! For a start, it was part of his alternative “1938: Tthe Third English Civil War campaign”. That means everything was completely fictitious, and

Ashkhabad, 1921

The Back of Beyond, Contemptible Little Armies / Back of Beyond, 28mm This week we revisited our Back of Beyond campaign – loosely based on the Central Asian theatre of the Russian Civil War. The game involved a Red Army assault on the city of Ashkhabad, which was defended by the local Emir and his

Bridge over the Saale, 1757

Seven Years War,  Die Kriegskunst, 28mm This game was loosely based on the scenario by Charles S. Grant, published in the first edition of Battlegames magazine. We simply changed things a little to reflect the figures and the scenery we had available. The idea was that the Prussians had thrown a pontoon bridge across the Saale

Tartu, Estonia, 1919

The Back of Beyond, Contemptible Little Armies / Back of Beyond, 28mm We’d planned to play a Seven Years War game, but as we’ll be doing that on Sunday, we opted for the Russian Civil War instead. This was a small and pretty straightforward game, played out on a 6×4 foot table. The objective was