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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Archives for November 2010

The Assault on Paris, 1814

The Napoleonic Wars, Republic to Empire, 28mm This large weekend game was a bit of a monster, and one of those where both sides had thousands of figures at their disposal, but there were never enough when you needed them! The premise was that Paris was just off one edge of the long table, and

The Defence of Nukus Station, 1920

The Back of Beyond, Contemptible Little Armies / Back of Beyond 28mm We hadn’t played a Back of Beyond game for almost a year, partly because the campaign organiser Colin Jack was wrapped up in his fictitious “A Very British Civil War”. In the “BoB” campaign the Turks landed on the eastern shores of the Caspian Sea,

Ferme du Grand-Champ, Fleurus, 1794

The Napoleonic Wars, French Revolutionary War, General de Brigade, 28mm This was the second little brigade-sized game we’ve played in two weeks, with the same set of rules. Both had a completely different feel though, and they were equally enjoyable in their own right. This one was based around the defence of the Ferme du

Olivenza, 1811

The Napoleonic Wars, General de Brigade, 28mm We couldn’t chance a big game this week, as my wargaming buddy Dougie’s partner was expecting a baby, and didn’t want to be away too long. Of course, technically he wasn’t the one giving birth, but you know what I mean – he was on stand-by because of