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The Club has re-opened! Yay! We’re having weekly games again!

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Archives for September 2014

El Adem, Western Desert, 1941

The Second World War, Battlegroup Panzergrenadier, 10mm Just for a change we got the “peedie tanks” out. “Peedie” is the Orkney word for “small”, and what better way to describe 10-12mm tanks than that. The game was played out on a 10×6 foot table, using Battlegroup Panzergrenadier. I know a new Panzergrenadier Deluxe set has

The Battle of Kuchenberg, 1813

The Napoleonic Wars, General de Brigade, 28mm This was another Napoleonic game where we’d drawn on a Charles S. Grant scenario – this time a “Tabletop Teaser” published in Battlegames (now Miniature Wargames magazine). The idea was, two armies were approaching the same area, and needed to control an important road, running from north to

Clash in Rendall, Orkney, 1936

Misc., A Very British Civil War, Chain of Command, 28mm This week we played a Very British Civil War game, a fictional conflict set in Britain during the late 1930’s. Our version of it is set up here in Orkney, and pits the forces loyal to King Edward VIII against those who have declared for

The Battle of Altefritz, 1813

The Napoleonic Wars, General de Brigade, 28mm We had six players this week (a full house for the Orkney Wargames Club – and for my attic), so I wanted a game that could accommodate everybody. it also had to produce a result after four hours of gaming. After much thought I drew inspiration from a