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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Archives for April 2008

Sweetwater Canal, Egypt, 1882

Queen Victoria’s Little Wars, Warriors against Bullets, 28mm This week I was given the chance to participate in a colonial game, run by fellow Edinburgh gamer Dave O’Brien. It was set in the Egyptian Campaign of 1882, and revolved around a British attack on an Egyptian outpost and oasis, somewhere on a spur of the

Bracknell Church, 1642

English Civil War, Very Civile Actions / Tinker Fox, 28mm For a week or so we’ve been running an English Civil War campaign, using the “Tinker Fox” system. This skirmish came about due to an event in the campaign – a Royalist raid on the fortified Parliamentarian outpost at Bracknell Church. Actually, in our game

The Battle of Camden, 1780

American War of Independence, Loose Files & American Scramble, 15mm Our recent American War of Independence game using “proper” 28mm figures was fought using the British Grenadier rules. Well, for years our club’s “Rebel” sympathisers Jack Glanville and Dave O’Brien used to wargame the period in 15mm, using Loose Files and American Scramble. They’re a