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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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The Cod War

The Cod War – Playing the Period

This was never meant to be a period – only a minor diversion. it still is – it’s not something I’d normally give the status of a full-blown naval period, but it is fascinating nonetheless. After all, we’ve played games where nobody fires a gun, no ships get captured or sunk, and everyone goes away

The Forty Mile Patch, off Iceland 1976

The Cod War, Cod War! , 1/1200 scale With just two of us available for a game this week – the last game of the year – we decided to play something entertaining,  indulgent and involving ships. The Cod War seemed a perfect fit. After all, in this season of peace and goodwill, what could

The Whaleback, off Iceland, 1975

The Cod War, Cod Wars!, 1/1200 scale We hadn’t played this for a couple of years, and so we decided to give this another go. In fact, during that time the rules received a makeover, and even a new name. This one was set in the mid ’70’s, with four British trawlers fishing “The Whaleback”,

Dodgems in the DFA, off Iceland, 1975

The (Third) Cod War, There’s Something Wrong with our Blood Fish Today, 1/1200 scale This week we were going to play a Napoleonic game. Bill Gilchrist was going to supply all the figures, but unfortunately he took ill on the way in, and so we were left game-less. However, Peter gave me a lift home

A Clash in the DFA, off Iceland, 1976

The (Third) Cod War, There’s Something Wrong with our Bloody Fish Today!,1/200-scale This really was a game with a difference. I wasn’t in the army, but I did serve on HMS Falmouth, which plays a key role in this game. Thirty years ago, the Icelanders arbitrarily extended their fishing limits to 200 miles – a