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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Honours of War

The Battle of Falkirk, 1746

The Jacobite Rebellion, Honours of War, 28mm This weekend I was down in a hotel near Warwick, taking part in AMG 2017. This was a wargaming weekend organised on John Ray’s forum A Military Gentleman, open to people who bought his book of the same name. Essentially it was a weekend of mainly 18th century

The Battle of Munchhausen, 1757

The Seven Years War, Honours of War, 28mm   This week we staged a Seven Years War game, using the new Honours of War rules. The gamers are divided over these rules – some like them, others don’t. the nay-sayers claim – with some justification – that artillery is far too effective, and they’re slower

The Battle of Munchwitz, 1758

Seven Years War, Honours of War, 28mm Our first game of the year was another of our test runs for Osprey’s Honours of War rules – – and our largest game yet. This was to be a largely Prussian – Austrian clash, but Dave Imrie developed “man flu”, and wimped out. So, my ineffective Reichsarmee

The Battle of Liliane-Funcken, 1758

Seven Years War, Honours of War, 28mm Our second December clash using Honours of War was a more straightforward clash than our last game. It saw two reasonably balanced forces line up along opposite sides of an 8×6 foot table, and then get stuck in. In theory there was an objective. there were two villages

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