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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Archives for June 2013

Deep Fried Lard, 2013

Misc., Wargame Shows, Musselburgh Saturday was “Lardy Day” in Musselburgh, just outside Edinburgh. A hall was hired, about six tables were set up, and around 40 games from all of Britain descended on the place. They were there to try their hand at games developed by The Too Fat Lardies, a wargame rules company run

Partisan Ambush, Ukraine, 1942

The Second World War, Bolt Action, 28mm I popped into the Edinburgh club for the first time in ages – I spend most of my summer in Orkney. There were several good-looking games in progress, including a 10mm Vietnam one, a 15mm Second World War encounter, and a 28mm American War of Independence battle, as

The Bridge over the Taglia, 1758

The Seven Years War, Black Powder, 28mm The Sunday before this game was due to be played I thought I’d better come up with a scenario. I’d already planned to stage a small Seven Years War clash, but rather than a straightforward “line ’em up and fight” game I wanted something slightly more interesting. I