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Unfortunately, new Covid restrictions mean the Orkney club won’t re-open until 20th January. So, watch this space!

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Archives for October 2015

The Battle for Buscok, 1922

The Back of Beyond, Setting the East Ablaze,  28mm What do a bunch of middle-aged men do when they get a chance to escape for the weekend? Right – they play a big multi-player wargame in a country hotel! In fact I hang out with two groups who do this two or three times a

The Battle of Norfolk Bank, 1915

The Great War at Sea, Fleet Action Imminent, 1/2400 scale At the moment I’m working double tides, trying to finish my book on Jutland. So, in a rare evening off, this seems a strange choice for a game! Yup, there’s no escape from battlecruisers at the moment. this little game was a chance for a

Assault on Bokhara, 1920

The Back of Beyond, Setting the East Ablaze, 28mm We have a big “Back of Beyond” weekend coming up, and a few of the guys wanted a bit more practice with the rules. This included Campbell Hardie, the man I hired out my Bokharans to in exchange for a bottle of Tanqueray. That was a