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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Archives for August 2013

The Battle of Cross Keys, 1862

The American Civil War, Regimental Fire & Fury, 10mm This weekend I was invited down to Suffolk, to take part in a multi-player American Civil War game. It was staged by Maj. Gen. John “DZ” Drewienkiewicz (rtd.), the author of three books in the “Wargames in History” series published by Ken Trotman. This game –

Grubbhausen, 1813

The Napoleonic Wars, Black Powder, 28mm For some of my French and Russians this was their second battle in a week. I’d promised Mark Colston (a teacher) to host a game before the end of the school holidays, so on Friday afternoon he came round to blood his brigade of Prussians. They formed part of

The Battle of Chrisophilae, 86 BC

The Roman World, Hail Caesar, 28mm The day after my Napoleonic game my attic wargaming den in Orkney was pressed into service again. The excuse was a visit from my friend Chris Henry, who brought his Successor army to bolter my growing collection of Hellenistic troops. The scene was set for a fictitious battle set

Trubotskoya, 1812

The Napoleonic Wars, Black Powder, 28mm After a string of Dark Age or Early Medieval games this week’s clash saw a return to “proper wargaming”. In the little club in Orkney Alan Bruce and I staged a small Napoleonic game, with just two mixed brigades a side – five infantry battalions and  two cavalry regiments

The Ousebeck Ford, 1066

The Dark Ages, Saga, 28mm Lately we seem to have been playing games in batches, with two games using the same rules a week apart. That’s so we can get a better handle on the rules. Thus we played another Saga game this week, a clash set in England between Norman and Norse invaders, a

Claymore 2013

Wargame Shows, Edinburgh Dave Imrie’s The eagle – based on the film… Winner of Best Demo Game On Saturday 3rd August I went along to Edinburgh College, where SESWC my Edinburgh wargames club were hosting Claymore, their annual wargames show. This is still the largest and most prestigious wargames show north of York. Like most