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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Bolt Action

The North Aflame, 1936

A Very British Civil War, Bolt Action, 28mm Sometimes you take part in a wargame that involves fast-moving play, with great sweeping advances and moves of strategic or tactical brilliance. Other times, like this weekend, you might have yards and yards of table to play over, but you land up boxed in one little corner,

The Mekong Delta, 1967

Modern Wars, Bolt Action, 28mm This was another of those rather crazy games laid on by The League of Gentlemen Wargamers. Actually, it was a game in two parts. The Saturday was spent fighting one-on-one battles with opponents, but for the Sunday all the tables were shoved together to create the 30 foot long stretch

The Martian Attack on Berlin, 1910

Misc., Fantasy Nonsense, Bolt Action, 28mm I know this is wargaming “silly season”, but this is really a step too far! Having been laid low for a week with a bad bug, I was keen to shuffle some lead of any description. Unfortunately the only game on offer was this one – a War of

El Fuq, Syria, 1941

The Second World War, Bolt Action, 28mm This week, I signed up for a game with Colin Jack, down in the Edinburgh club. His games are often a little “niche”, and this was no exception. It was a Bolt Action skirmish game, set in Syria in June 1941. The small fictional Syrian town of El

Jupiter Beach, D+1, 1944

The Second World War, Bolt Action, 28mm This was the third D-Day game fought out on the same table. The last time I played it was mid-January, and the Allies just about managed to fight their way off the beach. When I left it the leading Allied unit was the Sherman called “Milly”, who had

Jupiter Beach, 1944

The Second World War, Bolt Action, 28mm This Thursday there wasn’t anything I fancied playing at the club, so I popped round to Hugh Wilson’s place instead. Every second Thursday Hugh lays on a game, and this week it was Normandy. I don’t go to Hugh’s games every time – that would be disloyal to

Primosole, Sicily, 1943

The Second World War, Bolt Action, 28mm I had a very strange weekend. On Friday night I was in Orkney, giving a speech and the “immortal memory” toast at a very boozy Trafalgar Night Dinner. I had my car “valet parked” on the ferry, and the following morning I driving it ashore in Aberdeen. Two

Partisan Ambush, Ukraine, 1942

The Second World War, Bolt Action, 28mm I popped into the Edinburgh club for the first time in ages – I spend most of my summer in Orkney. There were several good-looking games in progress, including a 10mm Vietnam one, a 15mm Second World War encounter, and a 28mm American War of Independence battle, as

Gaitnip, Orkney, 1938

A Very British Civil War, Bolt Action, 28mm I was going to play a Second World War skirmish game this week, but Warlord didn’t deliver my Stug in time. North Star and Warlord are next door to each other in Nottingham, but one delivers in two days, the other takes over twelve days and still

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