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The Club has re-opened! Yay! We’re having weekly games again!

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Low Level Hell

Dang Nap It Valley, 1967

Misc., Modern Wars, Vietnam, Low Level Hell, 10mm In my last wargame of 2012 I was racing around in a helicopter, shooting up “Charlie”, in a game staged by Jack Granville. He stages this every Christmas, but for some reason I haven’t played it since December 2006 (Journal 08). The 1/200 scale helicopters (from Skytrex)

The Bac Lac Valley, 1966

Misc., Low Level Hell,  10mm With most of the club doing their last-minute Christmas shopping, Jack Glanville staged a game of Low Level Hell – a 10mm helicopter game set in Vietnam. Everyone one gets a couple of choppers – mostly gunships of various kinds – and the aim is to fly around shooting things up.