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The Club has re-opened! Yay! We’re having weekly games again!

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Naval Warfare

Virtual Sailor – Barents Sea 1942

WW2 Naval, General Quarters (3rd edition), 1/2400 scale Following our theme of virtual games, this week my chum Gyles and I decided to play a simple naval game via Skype. As it was up to me to choose, I opted for part of the Battle of the Barents Sea, fought on 31 December 1942 off

The Battle of Cape Lardier, 1797

The Age of Fighting Sail, Kiss Me, Hardy, 1/1200 scale This was another lockdown game, played with my near neighbour Gyles. He fancied something nautical this time, so we opted for the Age of Fighting Sail, and Kiss Me, Hardy. The idea was that a small squadron of five French ships-of-the-line had broken out from

The Battle of Cape Hel, 1905

Pre-Dreadnought Naval, Perfidious Albion, 1/1000 scale Apologies for the delay in posting this – and the next few reports. I suppose it’s fortuitous really, as with Covid-19 on the rampage, and all socialising on hold, then its good to have a backlog. Silver lining and all that. This was a fictitious naval game, set in

Brush off the Bullock Bank, 1941

WWII Coastal Forces, Narrow Seas, 1/600 We were all at sea for the first game of the year, somewhere in the English Channel midway between Newhaven and Boulogne. There wasn’t much point to this game – just a nocturnal clash between two groups of baby warships. This time we left the freighters and big escorts

Clash off Helder, 1916

The Great War at Sea, Fleet Action Imminent, 1/2400 scale After a couple of weeks off due to other things getting in the way, we felt like a naval game. So, none of the players had played these rules before, I kept things simple. This was a fictitious clash between battlecruisers, with the German 1st

The Whaleback, off Iceland, 1975

The Cod War, Cod Wars!, 1/1200 scale We hadn’t played this for a couple of years, and so we decided to give this another go. In fact, during that time the rules received a makeover, and even a new name. This one was set in the mid ’70’s, with four British trawlers fishing “The Whaleback”,

Action of Tobago, 1797

The Age of Fighting Sail, Kiss Me Hardy, 1/1200 scale We felt like a naval game this week, and so I thought I’d get a few of my sailing men-of-war out. Neither Sean or Gyles had played a game using Kiss Me Hardy rules before, and I was a little rusty. So, I re-read them,

Ambush off the Lofoten Islands, 1942

World War 2 Naval, General Quarters (3rd edition), 1/2400 scale A week or so ago I had a fire in the flat. As a result my lead store was badly damaged by smoke. So, this week I staged a small, manageable game, where I didn’t have to bring much in the way of toys. I

The Battle of Paxos, 1538

Renaissance Galleys, Guns, Galleys & Glory!, 1/300 scale The period between Christmas and the New Year is always a strange one in the wargames club. Attendance is low, and so we often put on a multi-player game, to suck people into the action. this year Jack staged a Renaissance galleys game, using the superb collection

Action off Toulon, 1811

The Age of Fighting Sail, Post Captain, 1/1200 scale This was the evening of the wargame club’s AGM. Usually that involves a lot of dull bureaucratic stuff, dreary reports by office bearers and a loss of valuable wargaming time. . This time though, the dull but necessary bit was over by 8pm. That still left

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