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Archives for July 2007

Last Train to Tomsk, 1921

The Back of Beyond, Contemptible Little Armies / Back of Beyond, 28mm The great thing about Back of Beyond games is that nobody can take them too seriously, especially when Colin Jack comes up with the scenario. In this one a small detachment of the Czech Legion was garrisoning a God-forsaken hamlet in Siberia, which

Hill 861, 1967

Modern Wars (Vietnam), Disposable Heroes, 28mm  Disposable Heroes are a playable but slightly slow set of Second World War skirmish rules, but at least we’re familiar with them. So, hen they recently came up with a “Modern” version it seemed a good idea to try them out. Well, for Christmas I was given a 1/50th

Battle of Görlitz, 1866

Bismarck’s Wars, Blood & Iron, 28mm Edinburgh wargamer Dave O’Brien kindly invited me to join him for a game using his 1866 figures – a scrap taken from the battle of Görlitz which saw a Prussian Division assaulting up a valley defended by an Austrian brigade. I took one Prussian wing, Dave Imrie the other.We started

The fight for Elderveld, 1944

Second World War, Disposable Heroes, 28mm Inspired by the big Normandy game last month, we decided to try out Disposable Heroes for ourselves. We decided on a platoon-sized action, with Polish Paratroops occupying a village, while the Germans – all Fallschirmjagers – attacked it from two sides- the south-east and south-west corners. In other words we