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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Attack with Torpedoes

Cross Sands, North Sea 1941

WWII Coastal Forces, Attack with Torpedoes! 1/600 scale If you look on the period link, you’ll see we haven’t played a Coastal Forces game for quite a few years. There’s no real reason for it – this just seemed to be a naval period that slipped between the cracks. So, when Bart said he wanted

Clash off Bligh Bank, 1942

WWII Coastal Forces, Attack with Torpedoes, 1/600 scale Orkney-based wargamer Chris Werb expressed an interest in a Second World War Coastal Forces game, so out came the sea mat and the little boats. I can’t even call them ships. Anyway, the plan was to play two games – a straightforward night-time clash between small German

The Elba Channel, 1943

WWII Coastal Forces, Attack with Torpedoes, 1/600th scale We hadn’t brought out the MTBs and E-Boats for a while, so I decided to run a Coastal Forces game, set in the Mediterranean. Both sides ha convoys – a two ship resupply convoy for the Germans, and a battered tanker limping home for the British. Both

Clash off Cap Griz Nez, 1944

Coastal Forces, Attack with Torpedoes, 1/600 scale Next up was another naval game, a Coastal Forces scrap using Attack with Torpedoes. A heavily defended German coastal convoy was attacked by a three groups of Allied boats – a mixed bag of American PT Boats and British MTBs and supporting MGBs.All the torpedoes missed, and the