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The Club has re-opened! Yay! We’re having weekly games again!

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Archives for February 2012

El Casa Vaggio, 1811

The Napoleonic Wars, Warfare in the Age of Napoleon, 28mm The second of our try-outs of “Warfare in the Age of Napoleon” involved a fictitious French attack on an equally fictitious British-held village called El Casa Vaggio. The village was the outpost of an area occupied by the British, and was held by a Highland

The Longniddry Plantation, Malaya, 1952

Misc., Modern Wars (Malayan Emergency), Force on Force, 28mm The thing about Force on Force games is that in often takes longer to put out the scenery than to play the game. This would have been the case here, except Colin Jack, Bill Gilchrist and I hadn’t played a game using Force on Force for

Krasni, 1812

The Napoleonic Wars, Warfare in the Age of Napoleon, 28mm  I like it when other people are supplying the toys, and I don’t have to haul several boxes of lead to the wargame club. This was one of those occasions, when Dave Imrie brought along his Russians, and Dougie Trail supplied the French. Better still,