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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Here are some links to my local club, my wargaming buddies, and a few other useful places.

Happy Browsing! 

Asienieboje Wargaming Blog – Bart Zynda’s Blog – in both English and Polish!

The Big Red Bat Cave – Simon Miller’s blog, supporting his To the Strongest Ancient rules

The Black Gate – John Glass’ blog – a  nice chap, despite his penchant for Nazi hardware..

Blenheim to Berlin  – Bill Gilchrist’s Blog – a regular gaming buddy.

Derek’s Wee Toys Derek Hodge might be old and raddled, but he still likes his toys.

My Metal Meneken –  Michael Schneider’s Blog – Our club’s token German, and a Renaissance man.

The Orkney Wargames Collective – My local club in Orkney

Pioneer Painting – Jack Glanville’s blog – another old grognard, and an occasional pro painter and modeller.

Roundwood’s World – Sidney Roundwood’s Blog – a Too Fat Lardy aficionado, and all-round good egg.

Saxon Dog – Dave Imrie’s blog – He might be a Fifer, but he paints like an angel.

South East Scotland Wargames Club – My local club in Edinburgh – the guys who run the Claymore show every August