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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Renaissance Galleys

Renaissance Galleys – Playing the Period

Oars de Combat…. Renaissance Galleys in the Journal This great new project came about thanks to a surprise delivery. My wargaming buddy Dave Imrie went to Salute 2015, and I met up with him a week later. It seems he met up with a Californian called Thomas Foss at the show – the creative genius

The Battle of Paxos, 1538

Renaissance Galleys, Guns, Galleys & Glory!, 1/300 scale The period between Christmas and the New Year is always a strange one in the wargames club. Attendance is low, and so we often put on a multi-player game, to suck people into the action. this year Jack staged a Renaissance galleys game, using the superb collection

Battle in the Ithica Chanel, 1538

Renaissance Galleys,  Galleys, Guns and Glory, 1/300 scale Usually between Christmas and New Year we play something fairly fun and frivolous at the Edinburgh club. Past years have seen us piloting helicopters around Vietnam in Low Level Hell, or using Japanese anime schoolgirls to shoot at monsters in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. This time round, we took

Kafkalida Island, 1560

Renaissance Galleys, Galleys, Guns & Glory, 1/300 scale In early November we’re off to Antwerp, to put on a participation game at the Crisis show. the aim is to run a game  for about eight people, and to finish it in less than an hour. So, this week we were trying out a couple of

Clash off Cape Spada, 1570

 Renaissance Galleys, Galleys, Guns & Glory! 1/300 scale   I almost missed the fourth outing of our club’s Renaissance galleys. I’d arranged to play a Seven Years War game, but that fell through due to my opponent’s child-minding problems. So, it was off to sea in my Venetian lanterna. I’m glad really as I really

Clash on the Corfu Channel, 1570

Renaissance Galleys, Galleys, Guns & Glory!, 1/300 scale This week we had another foray in the Mediterranean – another Renaissance galley clash using the delightful models produced by Skull & Crown. We’ve got around a dozen models a side now, but reinforcements are on the way. The club is helping to playtest Thomas Foss’ rules,

Scarpanto Point, 1570

Renaissance Galleys, Galleys, Guns & Glory!, 1/300 scale This is almost unheard of – two games of the same type in the same month – and naval games at that! The thing is, we’d so enjoyed our Renaissance galleys bash two weeks ago that we wanted to try the game out again. In theory we

Cape Rodopos, 1570

Renaissance Galleys, Galleys, Guns & Glory!, 1/300 scale We were all at sea this week, in something which was a completely new departure for me-  and for the club. It all started a few weeks ago, when a package from Thomas Foss of Skull and Cross was handed to me, containing a bundle of flat-packed