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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Modern Wars

LZ Bird, An Khe, 1966

Modern Wars (Vietnam), Force on Force, 28mm The publication of the new Force on Force modern rules by Osprey has caused quite a stir in the Edinburgh club, and several of the guys are planning to use them to game all sorts of conflicts, from Korea to modern Afghanistan, with the most popular being Rhodesia

Hill 881 North, Khe Sanh, 1967

Modern Wars (Vietnam), Vietnam Skirmish Rules, 28mm This probably wasn’t my finest wargaming moment. We were wondering what to play, and someone mentioned we hadn’t played a Vietnam game for a while. There’s probably a good reason for that – skirmish games are never particularly satisfying, and apart from the chance to put cool toys

The Perfume River, 1968

Modern Wars (Vietnam), Vietnam Skirmish, 28mm One evening someone pointed out that several of us had Vietnam figures, yet we haven’t played a Vietnam game for a year or more. Well, Dave O’Brien went away and dreamed up a nasty little scenario, designed to let the Americans use all their nice toys, while giving them

Hill 861, 1967

Modern Wars (Vietnam), Disposable Heroes, 28mm  Disposable Heroes are a playable but slightly slow set of Second World War skirmish rules, but at least we’re familiar with them. So, hen they recently came up with a “Modern” version it seemed a good idea to try them out. Well, for Christmas I was given a 1/50th

The Bac Lac Valley, 1966

Modern Wars (Vietnam), Low Level Hell,  10mm With most of the club doing their last-minute Christmas shopping, Jack Glanville staged a game of Low Level Hell – a 10mm helicopter game set in Vietnam. Everyone one gets a couple of choppers – mostly gunships of various kinds – and the aim is to fly around

Sum Yung Buk, 1951

Modern Wars (Indochina), Battlegroup Panzer Grenadier, 20mm The following Thursday we played a 20mm game set in French Indochina. the idea was that a French parachute company had been dropped as a blocking force, and was now high-tailing it down the road to safety, pursued by hordes of Viet Minh regulars. The game presupposed that

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