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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Horse & Musket Periods

The Rearguard at Bobr, 1812

The Napoleonic Wars, Black Powder, 28mm We wanted a simple but challenging game this week, so I delved into Grant & Asquith’s “Scenarios for all Ages” for inspiration. They had one that was perfect:  “A Vital Bridgehead”. In our version, the French were trying to get across the Bobr River, while engineers were rigging the

The Battle of Mehr, 1758

The Seven Years War, Post of Honour, 28mm With the club closed for Christmas and New Year, I staged a small game at home, with the two Seans. I loosely based it on the Battle of Mehr, fought on 5 August 1758 between a small French army and an even smaller Western allied force. In

Raid on Whitehall, 1758

The French & Indian Wars, Rebels and Patriots, 28mm The wargame club was closed due to snow this week. Actually, there was no snow here in South Ronaldsay, but the west side of Orkney got blasted by it. So, my near neighbour Sean 2 came round for a small game at my place. He hadn’t

The Supply Column, North-West Frontier, 1897

Queen Victoria’s Little Wars, The Men Who Would Be Kings, 28mm I missed last week’s club night thanks to another engagement, so I didn’t get my game fix. To remedy this, I was planning to run a small colonial game with Mr. Babbage – the solitaire system that came with the rules. Halfway through though,

The Rearguard at Driburg, 1758

The Seven Years War, Post of Honour, 28mm With just Sean 2 and I this week due to funerals and sports events, we played a game at my place rather than the club. That made sense as otherwise it’s a 30 mile round trip for both of us. He had to act as a taxi

The Battle of Dalheim,1758

The Seven Years War, Post of Honour, 28mm With just two of us this week, and as we both live near each other, a half hour’s drive from the wargame club, we decided to stage a game at my place. When asked, Sean 2 opted for the Seven Years War, as he hadn’t gamed that

The Cavalry Battle of Gülden-Gossa 1813

The Napoleonic Wars, Shadow of the Eagles, 28mm This game was dictated by the fact that I picked up more boxes of cavalry than anything else. So, unsurprisingly we decided to stage a largely cavalry clash,  which would take place near the village of Gülden-Gossa, to the south of Leipzig. On 16 October, during the

The Battle of Büren 1759

The Seven Years War, Post of Honour, 28mm This week we continued our try-out of Post of Honour, the free SYW rules from Keith Flint. As they’re very similar to Keith’s Napoleonic set Shadow of the Eagles which we use, then the learning curve” is pretty minimal. Still, there are a few differences, and we

The Encounter at Grantsheim, 1758

The Seven Years War, Post of Honour, 28mm This was something of a blast from the past. For starters, the scenario came from a wargaming classic – Charles Grant (Senior)’s The War Game, published in 1971. It was just a small game between Sean and I, just a reinforced brigade a side, and I chose

Attack on the Siege Train, 1758

The Seven Years War, Post of Honour, 28mm I missed the last couple of games due to to Covid striking the club. Fortunately I managed to squeeze in a small Seven Years War game at home this weekend, as a way of trying out the rules before next Thursday’s club game. Post of Honour is

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