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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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The Dark Ages

Cattle Raid, Rhegin, 477 AD

The Dark Ages, Dux Britanniarum, 28mm We played another Arthurian game this week, so that we could get a better handle on the rules. This time we really think we know what we’re doing! The scenario was another raid – my Saxon warband led by Athelwald has just raided a British village, and is making

The Church of St. Helena, Caer Colun, 540 AD

The Dark Ages, Dux Britanniarum, 28mm This game was a try-out – giving my two main Orkney gamers a chance to play Dux Britanniarum. That’s the Age of Arthur set produced by the Two Fat Lardies. The came pits two rival warbands – one British, the other Saxon – against each other. it also sets

Battle for Caesar Romagnus, 540AD

The Dark Ages, Dux Britanniarum, 28mm I’m on a slight Dark Age kick at the moment, encouraged by others at the club, who have been playing Dux Britanniorum since late last year, when the rules first came out. I got a chance to join in this week, taking over part of a British army, which

The Siege of Caeseromagus, 540 AD

The Dark Ages, Dux Britanniarum, 28mm It was the club night before Christmas, and all around not a mouse was stirring. Well, no mice, but the Saxons were, and a few Arthurian Britons. I’d originally planned to play a War of the Grand Alliance game with Chris Henry, but he backed out with a bad

The Valley of the Raven, 1014

The Dark Ages, Saga, 28mm I spent the last week or so painting up a Viking warband – the followers of Sigurd the Stout, Earl (“Jarl”) of Orkney. I even sculpted a substantial mail-covered beer gut on my “Jarl” figure. The reason for all of this is the current popularity of Gripping Beast’s Saga rules.

The Dark Ages – Playing the Period

I wasn’t sure what to call this period. Ideas were “Medieval”, “Early Medieval”, “Late Viking” or “The Norse Age”, but not of these really fitted the bill. In the end I opted for the catch-all of “The Dark Ages”. I know it’s academically out of date, but for wargamers its got more resonance than any

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