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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Targe, 2014

Misc., Wargame Shows, Kirriemuir

On my way to the AB1 game in Lundin Links, Fife I stopped off at Targe. This little show is a firm favourite on my calendar. Its held in Kirriemuir, in the county of Angus. I’m childish enough to get a kick every time I drive across the county line. There’s always a sign saying “Welcome to Angus”, and without fail I say out loud “thank you very much”! One day I’ll grow up…This game featured a Japanese-held island in the Pacific … and lots of nice toys…

Anyway, the show was great fun – a chance to buy some lead and scenery, chat to old wargaming pals, and look at some of the games on display there.A superb Dambusters public participation game – run by the ex RAF crowd from Leuchars…

An unmanned and untitled early 18th century game by – I think – the League of Augsburg, who seem too lazy to bother any more…

This  Battle of Benburb (1646) game was no thing of beauty, but it let me catch up with my old pals from the Aberdeen club. 


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