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Black Powder

The Foss Heide, 1760

The Seven Years War, Black Powder, 28mm Last week, Dave Imrie suggested laying on a midweek daytime game, to entertain the gifted Thomas Foss, who was visiting from California. Thomas is the man behind those Renaissance galleys and rules we use, and a bunch of other projects, although his day job is working as a

Abu Halfa, 1884

Queen Victoria’s Little Wars, Black Powder, 28mm This week we were off to the desert, fighting an fictional engagement in the Sudan. This scrap was set against the backdrop of the Nile Expedition of 1884-85. The premise was that in late 1884, before the advance could begin a telegraph line had to be built across the

The Battle of the Somme, 1916

The Great War, Black Powder (modified), 28mm  Every year, between Christmas and New Year, the guys at the Leuchars club up in Fife lay on a big multi-player game. this year it was The Somme – the third great battle of 1916 (the others being Verdun and of course Jutland). The table was 25 feet

Rearguard at Prune sur la Fouche, 1918

The Great War, Black Powder, 28mm Chris Henry cancelled the game we were going to play, so I was at a loose end. Instead of just heading to the bar I sat in on this interesting little game, played by Michael and Campbell, and set in the closing days of the Great War. Michael’s smaller

The Storming of Fort Washington, 1776

The American War of Independence,  Black Powder, 28mm We recently started playing an American War of Independence game in the Edinburgh club. the whole thing is organised by Michael Schneider, who rather fortuitously has a large matched pair of armies for the period. In the campaign, Jack Glanville is playing the part of the rebel

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