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The Wagon Train, 1760

Seven Years War, Die Kriegskunst, 28mm

This old Charles S. Grant scenario always produces a good game, however we play it. The thing is, we haven’t run one for a couple of years, so Dougie and I decided to give it a go this week. The premise is, a wagon train full of plunder has been captured during a raid.Obviously the owners (in this case the Prussians) want it back, and have sent a force to intercept the convoy. Defending the plunder are the raiders, a mixed force of cavalry and infantry – in this case French and Reichsarmee (with Russian cavalry masquerading as their French counterparts).DSCF2428At first it all went well. My cavalry charged a pursuing unit of Prussian Hussars, and forced them into retreat. My wagons plodded on to the far table edge – the safety of a river crossing – behind which were the French lines. The Prussians outnumbered the defenders, and we had to react defensively to save the wagons. Unfortunately my commanders failed to roll the requisite die rolls needed to change orders, so they kept plodding on towards the bridge. DSCF2429Prussian dragoons almost caught a unit of Reichasarmee infantry in column of march, but the Köln regiment were saved by an unlucky Prussian die roll. the charging cavalry faltered, and the Elector of Köln’s boys deployed into line and emptied dozens of saddles with their first volley.DSCF2441Then it all went wrong. The next turn they charged home, and my infantry were routed, opening a big hole in the French line. Prussian grenadiers captured the rearmost wagon, but the breakthrough came too late to prevent the rest of the convoy reaching safety. Further down the road the cavalry guarding the French rear-  the ones who tumbled the Prussian hussars earlier – were swept from the field when the same hussars returned to the fray.DSCF2435Things were falling apart – but at least I’d got most of my  my wagons to safety. As the game ended I was desperately trying to extricate my rearguard, and the Prussians were baying for blood…DSCF2427I was saved by the bell – the French won the scenario, but the Prussians were winning the battle. Still, it was a highly enjoyable game – a real knife-edge little fight.


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