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Scruttock’s End, Suffolk, 1940

Second World War, Rules of Engagement, 28mm

You can rely on Colin Jack to think up a bloody silly scenario. When he told me he planned to run a skirmish game involving the planned German Invasion of Britain I was expecting something vaguely sensible. I should have known better! The premise was that the British regular army was “bagged” at Dunkirk, and consequently Operation Sealion was a success. Pockets of British resistance (“The Patriots”) were being chased by the Germans, supported by volunteers from the black-shirted League of British Facists (“The Nationalists”). This game involved the ambush of a German and BLF column near a small hamlet somewhere in Suffolk.DSCF2595To help them the British had three secret weapons. A Smith Gun (pictured above) was a sort of Pom-Pom on a cart – designed to be rolled into action. It never hit anything the whole game. The Northover Projector – a sort of basic PIAT – was excellent, knocking out a BLF armoured car (shown above being inspected by the local vicar and verger) and destroying a tank. At one stage during the game the tank was also close assaulted by The Patriot’s other secret weapon – a squad of Home Guard , based on the figures from a cult British TV series from the ’70’s! Captain Mainwaring and his Dad’s Army veterans also charged and routed a BLF squad, and generally performed like real soldiers, despite the loss of Sgt. Wilson and Privates Godfrey and Walker during the fracas. DSCF2610The “Nationalists” were forced to call up reinforcements – German regulars – while the “Patriots” did the same, as a squad of Free Poles arrived to led a hand. OK, this game was a pretty silly one, but how often do you get to fire a model Northover Projector, or bayonet charge a French tank in German colours? By the end of the game it was clear that the “Nationalists” had suffered a sound drubbing, and the BLF were badly shot up – which serves them right.DSCF2600The “Nationalist” player claimed to have the upper hand by the end of the game, having secured the village – but that wasn’t the point. This was a guerrilla action, and the main objective was to give the invaders and their lackeys a bloody nose – which is exactly what happened.DSCF2599The game was a vehicle to try out a new set of rules – Rules of Engagement. To be honest I was less impressed with them than I’d thought I’d be – the mechanisms involved dicing to hit, then to wound, and finally to save – which was all a bit Warhammer-esque. I’ve got to admit I prefer our usual Second World War skirmish set Disposable Heroes, which I think produce a slicker and faster game.DSCF2596


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