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Powick Bridge, 1642

English Civil War, Very Civile Actions, 28mm

The%20final%20chargeNext came an English Civil War game. Dougie Trail and I wanted to try out the Very Civile Actions from the Perfect Captain before we played a larger game the following week. the result was a small skirmish involving horse and foot on both sides, where my Parliamentarians most assuredly came off worst. By the end of the game I was hiding behind hedges in an attempt to avoid his cavalry, which seemed to be sweeping all before it – save a hardly pike block which stood its ground.What was great about this was the figure scale – with each figure representing about 12 troops. This meant that I got the chance to field an infantry regiment of 48 figures, not counting the officers, drummers and ensigns out the front!acw9Unfortunately our regular camera wasn’t working properly, but fortunately Derek Hodge was on hand to fire off  two shots – one of dragoons and the other (at the bottom)of the Parliamentarian general and his reserves trying to figure out where he troops are.maurice_storms_bridgeThe big English Civil War battle took place the following week – a refight of Powick bridge (September 1642). In it a column of Parliamentarian cavalry supported by dragoons were advancing on Worcester from the south when they ran into Prince Rupert and his men, who were picnicking in fields just beyond Powick Bridge. A furious cavalry battle followed, which lasted all of 15 minutes. by that time Rupert had swept the Parliamentarians from the field, so winning the opening skirmish of the war. Of course, in the refight things didn’t go according to plan – for either side!First_blood_N_Fiennes


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