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The Novi Dvor Pocket, 1941

Second World War, Battlegroup Panzergrenadier,  20mm

BottleneckNext it was the turn of my 20mm Russians, fighting their way out of the Pripet Marshes in a 1941 scenario dreamed up by Dougie Trail. As Dougie was playing the Nazi I should have know better. The aim was to get off the table, after negotiating a nasty swampy bottleneck and passing a German-held village. It wasn’t exactly easy, as you can see.Another%20oneFirst, I lost several of my tanks to a well-sided 37mm “doorknocker”.  It was eventually silenced, but by then my vanguard was blown to pieces. However,  the real fly in the ointment was the trio of German tanks which appeared halfway through the game. They appeared in a village, where they were hidden from the road, until the Russian armour passed into their line of fire.ColumnThe only way to deal with them was to send in the infantry, and although one of the tanks was destroyed, and another damaged, the cost was brutally high. In the end I managed to roll some of my kit off the table edge, but all too many knocked-out Russian tanks and dead infantry were left behind.PxIVIt was an interesting game though, despite being something of a turkey shoot, and it certainly looked the part. Next time though, I’ll concoct the scenario, and Dougie can be hung out to dry! Woods2


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