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Coldstream, 1938

A Very British Civil War, The Great War, 28mm

This was another of those silly Alternative history games, part of Colin Jack’s Third Civil War campaign, set in 1938. I won’t go into the background, as I’ve explained the premise before. the good thing about it is that you get to use funky inter-war tanks. the bad thing is that – well, it’s very silly…1938-june-09-01This game involved a raid across the Anglo-Scottish border by the Royalist Army, supported by the British Union of Facists (BUF). The border was defended by a small garrison of the Scottish Republican Army, while reinforcements were somewhere off the table to the north.1938-june-09-03The attack wasn’t too successful. the Royalist commanders understandably used the BUF as cannon fodder, sending them across the River Tweed to clear the town of Coldstream on the far bank. They were supported by a unit of Belgian facists, who were deemed equally expendable. Following on behind were the regulars of the Northumberland Fusiliers, controlled by Hugh Wilson.1938-june-09-11 The main royalist objective was a supply depot on the Scottish side of the river, and the defenders grimly held on, while a convoy of trucks were used to move the munitions before the raiders could capture them. two of the three trucks were either captured or destroyed, and the depot was soon in Royalist hands.1938-june-09-01The facists had a harder time clearing the town, as the local militia fought hard to defend hearth and home. the business of clearing the town stalled, and it was clear that the regulars would have to be sent in to finish the job. It was that crucial moment that the Scottish reinforcements arrived, led by the Earl of Kingarth (played by Dale Smith).1938-june-09-10 More importantly, his column led by a brace of medium tanks. The Royalists had nothing that could stop the tanks, save a few machine guns. they ran amok, and within a few turns it was clear that the raiders had no option but to pull back. the game ended as they tried to extricate themselves as best they could, harassed by the Scottish armour. A veil was drawn over the whole sorry proceedings, as the Royalist commanders vowed to search the internet for some armoured support, before the next game.1938-june-09-08


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