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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Claymore and Partizan, 2006


On 5th August my club ran its annual show – Claymore – which as usual was a huge success. Now, I’m not really one for demonstration games. While I admire the skills of groups like the Iron Brigade who run them regularly, I usually have more exciting things to do with my time at shows – like buying lead, drinking and chewing the fat with old pals. However, I got talked into running an English Civil War demo alongside my gifted wargaming pal (and fellow SESWC member) Dave Imrie. We used the same terrain featured in Journal 4, but we managed to pile more lead onto the table. The game was a refight of the Battle of Inverkeithing, fought outside Edinburgh in 1651. Inverkeithing%201Unfortunately neither Dave or I took any photos, so I can’t post them here. However, we put on the same game at The Other Partizan in Newark a month later, and we have this image of the table.CIMG2267Also, I took a few of a game that really caught my eye – much better than ours. It was put on by Dave Andrews & Aly Morrison – the lads from Great War Miniatures, and featured a Great War trench system, and a game set during the Kaiser’s Offensive of 1918.CIMG2269It was terrific, and really inspired me to work on my own Verdun terrain, which will be far less fancy – no neat trenches – but I’ll be happy if it could capture even a little f the flavour of this great-looking table. CIMG2261


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