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Claymore 2009

Misc., Wargames Show, Edinburgh

This year, Edinburgh’s Claymore show was in a new venue – Telford College – a much nicer place than the crowded old low-ceilinged bunker of Meadowbank Stadium. Here people had space, and the show was much better for it. There was a dedicated Bring n’ Buy area, two show halls (the Gym and the Atrium), a well-stocked cafeteria and even a bar.claymore-09-11The traders had room to spread their wares, and people could browse packs of figures without being trampled. At Meadowbank you really took your life into your hands looking through the bottom rows of figures on Dave Thomas’ stall – someone would inevitably barge into you. This was all much nicer. Another great feature was the sitting out area, where we could look at our newly-bought figures, chat to friends or take a breather. This East Front game by the way, was my favourite at the show. Stunning stuff. claymore-09-05The show included a couple of unusual features. First there was a book signing at the Caliver Books stand, pictured above, featuring wargaming legends Charles S. Grant (left) and Stuart Asquith (right). Dressed in matching jackets, they were clearly out to impress us with their sartorial something-or-other.claymore-09-06Then there was the painting demonstration area, where Dave Imrie and Andrew Taylor (pictured here) explained their painting techniques, alongside Brian Phillips, who’d wandered off when the picture was taken. What was particularly good was that all three of these gifted figure painters had their own techniques, so everyone learned something new. It was a great extra feature of the show.claymore-09-01Then there were the games. The winner of best “demo game” went to the Gripping Beast crowd, who laid on a great-looking clash between Turks and Russians, set in the First World War or its immediate aftermath.  The other games shown here are the Kirriemuir club’s Mexican-American war game (which looks more impressive every time I see it), and several others, including an excellent-looking Gripping Beast game.claymore-09-07As for my own shopping I got off fairly lightly – a few books, a handful of buildings, and .. er .. a few hundred 28mm Landsknechts bought from Old Glory which I’ll probably never finish painting! All in all it was a great show. I’m sure in this new venue Claymore will go from strength to strength.claymore-09-10


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