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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Claymore 2007

Misc., Wargame Shows, Claymore 2007

It was another excellent show – a chance to meet friends, look at some pretty display games, sell lead and buy more! With pals driving up from England and flying in from Spain it proved to be a busy and beer-fuelled day. I’m afraid the only pictures which came out properly were of two Napoleonic games.Prussian-ColumnsThe first was run by Peter Nicholson, Kevin Calder and the Iron Brigade, and featured a scrap between the Russians and the Prussians – two very pretty armies. Kevin is an excellent painter, but even he couldn’t make the Prussians look exciting – the dullest-looking protagonists in a period known for its colourful uniforms!French-MassThe other battle was a Peninsular War engagement, played out by Dale Smith of the Kirriemuir Club, aided by Charles S. Grant and a host of extras. Charles’ British looked like they were on the ropes from the start, and every time I went past the tactical situation looked ever bleaker! I think Charles lost the will to continue when his old regiment made a disgraceful break for the rear, chased by what looked like every dragoon in the French army! Russian-BatteryI also managed to sell the last of my 15mm figures at the Bring n’ Buy – I’m now officially a 15mm free zone. Other things which went were Afghan Mujihadeen and Border Reivers which I’ve never used. However, there was no overall improvement in the state of the lead mountain, as I promptly used the filthy lucre to buy 1/56 scale WW2 vehicles, 28mm American War of Independence Continentals, French & Indian War Highlanders, Saracen horse archers and – bizarrely – a bunch of figures for the Mexican revolution (1910-20). Worse still, by the time I got home I also found Wild West gunfighters and – of all things – a teddy bear pirate gun crew in my bag! Aaaargh! Alcohol and lead buying don’t mix! British-Reinforcements

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