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in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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Amfreville, 1944

Second World War, Disposable Heroes, 28mm

Well, we were due to play a Second World War skirmish game, but I never expected it to be quite as silly -and enjoyable – as this one. the basic premise was simple. Somewhere on the far right flank of the Normandy landings a bunch of scattered American paratroops were trying to regroup. Unfortunately a column of Fallschirmjager (why can it never be Volksturm?) was sent to investigate, and a mean old skirmish erupted.DSCF1477To add spice to everything the umpire threw in  few “curved balls” – a flak unit hidden in a field – French resistance fighters holding a farm against all comers (even the Americans), and even more Frenchmen – a rival faction – who wanted to use the landings as a cover to steal the farm from the other group!DSCF1499The American squad leaders gathered scattered troops as they went, but the Germans came in mob-handed – and almost won the day. However, the good guys managed to throw back a critical German assault, and after that the thin American line held against all comers. Meanwhile the French-held farm was being attacked by another squad of German paratroopers, a column in trucks, and by those rogue French resistance fighters from another faction!DSCF1484In the end the Germans suffered too many casualties to continue their assault, although the fighting inside the French-held farm looked like it could go either way. The American hero was Chris the teenage American squad leader, who killed more than his own weight in Germans, while Colin Jack as the shoulder-shrugging French player should have got a Gallic medal of some sort for playing so well in character!DSCF1478All in all it was rattling good fun, and the rules – Disposable Heroes – worked rather well. Of course a multi-player game like this depends on a good umpire, and although I hate to say it, DougieTrail performed his job to perfection.


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