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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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The Battle of Borodino, 1812

The Napoleonic Wars, Shadow of the Eagles, 28mm Unusually, I’m going to start with two apologies. First, my tardiness in posting blogs. the thing is, I’ve been wrapped up putting the finishing touches to a book, The Pirate Menace, and that’s taken up all of my time. Secondly, thanks to Sean 2 for some of

Queen Victoria's Little Wars

Action at Glencoe, 1899

Queen Victoria’s Little Wars, The Men Who Would Be Kings, 28mm This one was set in the Boer war, amid the campaigning around Ladysmith.  The British had withdrawn, leaving the area occupied by the Boers. However, a couple of wagons containing the regimental whisky supplies had bogged down, and  Colonel Potts ordered their immediate recovery.

The Age of Chivalry

Clash at Beaugency, 1429

The Age of Chivalry, Lion Rampant, 28mm I hadn’t played these rules for a while. Since then I’ve expanded my armies – mainly the under-strength French one – and of course a new version of the rules came out. They’re the ones we used for this game – Lion Rampant 2. To be honest there

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The Back of Beyond

Frontier Clash, Tash Gozar 1920

The Back of Beyond, The Men who Would be Kings, 28mm We revisited the Back of Beyond this week This was a border clash, fought just south of Termez, near the Russian-Afghan border, just south of Termez in Uzbekistan. the Bolsheviks were planning an invasion by their “Army of God”, led by Indian communists. To

The Napoleonic Wars

The Battle of Leipzig, 1813

The Napoleonic Wars, Waiting for Bonaparte, 28mm At the weekend I boarded the overnight ferry to Aberdeen, then drove down to Kirriemuir, to take part in the latest League of Gentlemen Wargamers game. A couple of times a year the town’s Girl Guide hut is taken over by a group of ageing me, playing with


Engagement of Emsdorf, 1760

The Seven Years War, Honours of War, 28mm This week’s game was loosely based on the Battle of Emsdorf, fought in July 1760 in the western theatre. We took some liberties to fit it into a club night game, and replaced some units with others – mainly to fit in Sean 2’s new brigade of

WWII Naval

The Action off Bodö, 1940

 World War 2 Naval, General Quarters 3, 1/2400 scale We were all at sea this week, somewhere off the Norwegian coast. The game was set in mid April 1940, and was loosely based on historic forces in the area, rather than a real engagement. The premise was that the Germans were busy landing troops at

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The English Civil War

The Battle of Conisbrough 1644

The English Civil War, For King & Parliament, 28mm We’re back in South Yorkshire, for another instalment ion our fictitious clash for the county. In this one, both the Earl of Doncaster’s Royalists and the Earl of Rotherham’s Parliamentarians were in the field, and clashed near Conisbrough, midway between the two towns. This was just

Bismarck's Wars

The Assault on Vionville 1870

Bismarck’s Wars, Fire & Fury, 10mm We opted for a 10mm game set in the Franco-Prussian War this week, in glorious 10mm. there were only three of us playing this evening – others had other commitments (it being a lovely summer’s evening in Orkney). So, Sean 1 took charge of the French, while Sean 2

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