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Unfortunately, new Covid restrictions mean the Orkney club won’t re-open until 20th January. So, watch this space!

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Guns off Cape Ann, 1813

The Age of Fighting Sail, Post Captain, 1/1200 scale Two naval games back to back is a rarity. To be fair, in between, during the whole Christmas and New Year period, the wargame club here has been closed. In fact its still shut, thanks to Covid, although with luck that’ll change soon. So, this game

Queen Victoria's Little Wars

The Hindu Bagh, 1895

Queen Victoria’s Little Wars, The Men Who Would Be Kings, 28mm As we hadn’t played a colonial game for a while we visited the North-West Frontier this evening. The game involved a powerful British Imperial force driving up the Zhob Valley, in an attempt top capture the fort at Hindu Bagh. It had been held

The English Civil War

Ambush at Little Plodding, 1642

The English Civil War, For King & Parliament, 28mm This little game saw a return to Yorkshire, and the continuing fictional clash between the Royalist Earl of Doncaster and the Parliamentarian Earl of Scunthorpe. This time, it was all about a Parliamentarian siege train. The Earl of Doncaster was besieging Barnard Castle, but to breach

The Back of Beyond

The Hunt for Red Raisa, 1920

The Back of Beyond, Setting the East Ablaze!, 28mm It’s been too long. Remind me not to leave it so long between “The Back of Beyond” games. They’re just so much fun. This was a small game though, as there were just three of us. So, I made it a “quest”, shamelessly stealing the scenario

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Bismarck's Wars

The Battle of Nachod 1866

Bismarck’s Wars, Field of Battle, 10mm Recently, a care package arrived from my pal Gerry. In it was a pile of unpainted 10mm figures, including enough for an Austrian Corps. So, thanks to him, I could expand my Franco-Prussian kit into another war. This then, was the inaugural game of my new Austrians. I opted

The Age of Chivalry

Le Champ de la Beuh, 1425

The Age of Chivalry, Lion Rampant, 28mm Lindsay bought a couple of new mats this week, and so for this medieval romp I suggested she use the green one. They bizarrely describe it as “forest green”, but frankly it looks more like undried pot – hence the name of the battlefield – the field of

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The American Civil War

The Clash at Bethel Church, 1861

The American Civil War – Rebels and Patriots – 28mm We decided to change the pace this week, and stage a large skirmish game using Osprey’s Rebels and Patriots rules. I mainly use these for French & Indian War games, but during lockdown Lindsay talked everyone into building up small  skirmish forces for the American

The Napoleonic Wars

The Battle of Chashniki, 1812

The Napoleonic Wars, Field of Battle, 28mm This week’s game was a continuation of our dabbling in Piquet – Field of Battle. So, it was very much a learning curve game, with Mally and I commanding the French on one side, while Sean and newcomer Graham played the Russians. It was loosely based on the

The English Civil War

The Battle of Cadeby, 1642

The English Civil War, For King & Parliament, 28mm This week saw a return to Yorkshire, and the fictitious struggle between the Royalist Earl of Doncaster and the Parliamentarian Earl of Rotherham. The latest clash took place not far from the last, on the outskirts of Doncaster. The battlefield had a few scattered fields and

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