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The Orkney Wargames Club meets

in Kirkwall on Thursday evenings.


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The Battle of Vionville, 1870

Bismarck’s Wars, Fire & Fury, 10mm We rarely play the same period twice in a row, except when we’re trying to learn or re-acquaint ourselves with a set of rules. This was the case here. For last week’s 1866 game I forgot the playsheets listing the European amendments to the rules. So, we decided to

Bismarck's Wars

The Assault on Knischnitz, 1866

Bismarck’s Wars, Fire & Fury, 10mm It’s been a while since we last delved into this colourful period. The last time we were trying out Piquet’s Field of Battle. This time though, we returned to what is probably my favourite rules set for the period – Fire & Fury. While these are for the American

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The Napoleonic Wars

The Battle of Raisagrod, 1812

The Napoleonic Wars, Shadow of the Eagles, 28mm The idea of this little game came from a “tabletop teaser” published in an old copy of Battlegames magazine. Unusually the author wasn’t Charles S. grant, but his son Charlie. In this one, the 6×4 foot table was dominated by two small Russian hamlets and a farm.

The Second World War

Pushing on into Fontenay, 1944

The Second World War, Chain of Command, 28mm We returned to our Chain of Command pint-sized campaign this week – “Operation Martlet”. This was the second scenario, called “Pushing On”. Essentially it saw a platoon of the Royal Scots Fusiliers moving deeper into the Normandy village of Fontenay-le-Pesnel. We fought Scenario 1 “Probe into Fontenoy”


The Battle of Helgoland, 1864

Ironclads, Dahlgren & Columbiad, 1/600 scale About seven years ago, I refought the Battle of Helgoland, the premier naval clash of the Prusso-Danish War of 1864. The battle  actually involved the Austrians too, as allies of the Prussians, but the name of this little war sidestepped the awkwardness of a three-cornered title. Anyway, after being

The English Civil War

The Battle of Hatfield, 1643

The English Civil War, For King & Parliament, 28mm With others away south it was just Sean and I this week. So, we reprised our roles as the Earls of Doncaster and Rotherham and resumed our intermittent fictional campaign set in ECW Yorkshire. This time, the Royalist Earl of Doncaster (Sean) was busily besieging the

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The Second World War

Probe into Fontenay, 1944

The Second World War, Chain of Command, 28mm A few weeks ago, Sean and I agreed to embark on a “pint-sized campaign” for Chain of Command. We settled on Operation Martlet, set in Normandy, and this was the first scenario. On the day though, as there were just three of us, Nick took charge of


The Battle of Noviodunum, 52BC

The Roman World, To the Strongest, 28mm This was going to be a larger game, with Late Greeks and Balkan barbarians, but two of the players had to cry off. So, as it was just Sean and I, we hastily revamped our forces, and staged this small game, set during Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul. Surprisingly,

The Age of Fighting Sail

Action off Minorca, 1805

The Age of Fighting Sail, Far Distant Ships, 1/1200 scale  When I was south last week I picked up two battle-ready French ships-of-the-line. My friend Jack Glanville had kindly painted and rigged them for me. So, we decided to stage another fleet action, with the 74s Pluton and Duguay-Trouin reinforcing the French contingent. In this

The French & Indian War

The Oswego Valley, 1756

The French & Indian War, Muskets & Tomahawks, 28mm At long last. I haven’t been to a “League of Gentlemen Wargamers” weekend since Covid first reared its head. This weekend though, ended that drought. As usual we gathered in Kirriemuir near Dundee – a long ferry trip and a short drive away for me –

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