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News – Covid

Gaming opportunities are still limited. The club isn’t open, but we can now play face-to-face games at home every fortnight.    At least it’s something though!

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General Quarters

The Battle of Tassafronga, 1942

World War II Naval, General Quarters, 1/2400 scale Sometimes there are nights when you don’t really want to haul file boxes filled with 25mm figures across town for a game. You want something laid back, where the lead is light, the rules unchallenging, and the games stimulating enough to cut through the lethargy. That’s really

Savo Island, 1942

Second World War Naval, General Quarters, 1/2400 scale My last game of the month was a another naval affair. You don’t play one for ages and then, like buses, they all come along together! This was a refight of the First Battle of Guadalcanal (November 1942), a night action fought with my GHQ 1/2400 ships,

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