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Gaming opportunities are currently severely limited. We’re restricted to painting & playing by Skype!

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Archives for January 2007

The Battle of Königgrätz, 1866

Bismarck’s Wars, On to Richmond, 15mm It isn’t often that you get the chance to play a game with about 2,500 figures (even if they are 15mm), so when I was asked to take part in a refight of Königgrätz then I jumped at the chance. Wargame buddies Colin Jack and Bill Gilchrist planned to sell their

Parker’s Crossroads, 1944

Second World War, Battlegroup Panzergrenadier, 15mm This summer I finally sold off the last of my 15mm WW2 collection – a large American army. All I kept was a small force which I’d based in snow and mud – ideal for the Battle of the Bulge. Well, my wargame buddy Kevan Gunn has Germans done

The Elba Channel, 1943

WWII Coastal Forces, Attack with Torpedoes, 1/600th scale We hadn’t brought out the MTBs and E-Boats for a while, so I decided to run a Coastal Forces game, set in the Mediterranean. Both sides ha convoys – a two ship resupply convoy for the Germans, and a battered tanker limping home for the British. Both